Fall Reopening and Summer 2020 Planning

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Congratulations to our graduating seniors! We may have had to celebrate all of their accomplishments in a very different way this year, but we are so very proud of their contributions to our school district and community.

We now have just 10 official days of school remaining for this school year. With the last day of school in sight and we are quickly turning our attention to what’s next? Planning is underway for summer programs and reopening school in the fall. We remain focused and committed to providing support and high-quality educational opportunities for all children.

Please continue using the Chromebooks and iPads you checked out for your children. If you are moving out of the area, or have a graduating senior, we ask that you return the device to a designated drop off location on June 19th.

Planning is underway to provide robust summer programs to help students reconnect, reengage, and reset for school this fall. Through high school credit retrieval and middle school electives, to measured learning assessment and progress programs, CVSD is seeking to meet parent and student expectations. Highlights of the planned opportunities for summer programs are listed below with more detailed information coming soon about locations, registration, schedules, and calendar dates in August.

There will be two options for students moving to grades 1-8 for the 2020-2021 school year. Each of these options will include in-person instruction with appropriate physical distancing in the month of August. All of our summer offerings are subject to change based on recommendations and decisions of health department officials.

  • Option One:This will be a one-week intensive program focusing on social/emotional learning and literacy at the elementary level and mini sessions of ELA, math, and an elective for middle school.

  • Option Two:This will be an integrated learning model at the elementary level focusing on social/emotional learning, reading, writing, and math; and ELA, math, and an elective for middle school.

High School Credit Retrieval
This program will be for incoming seniors that are credit deficient. We will offer credit retrieval in the areas of math, ELA, science, and social studies.

Spokane Valley Tech (SVT) 
SVT will offer a summer school program in the month of August. These courses are available to incoming freshman through seniors. Details of the course offerings will be available on SVT’s webpage.

Transition activities for students moving from Elementary to Middle School and from Middle School to High School are being planned. Details will be sent to specific families and students as those plans are solidified.

Free Summer Meals
Our free summer meal program will begin June 15th and run through August 14th for children and teens age 18 and younger. A hot lunch and grab-and-go breakfast will be served Monday through Friday from 11:00-12:30 at the following elementary schools:

  • Broadway Elementary, 11016 E. Broadway Ave.
  • Greenacres Elementary, 17915 E. 4th Ave.
  • McDonald Elementary, 1512 S. McDonald Rd.
  • Opportunity Elementary, 1109 S. Wilbur Rd.
  • Progress Elementary, 710 N. Progress Rd.
  • University Elementary, 1613 S. University Rd.

We are working to plan for next school year. In the next few weeks, we will begin meeting with groups of parents, educators, health professionals, and community leaders who represent grade levels, schools, and areas throughout our district. These designated groups will be established to give advice on plans and models to open school in the fall. Using the mandated parameters from OSPI, which are available by the end of this week, the advisory groups will look at strategies to educate our children while protecting the health and safety of students, staff, and families.

As CVSD plans for next year, we will keep you regularly informed as decisions are made during the summer. We are hoping for the best, which is having students back in schools. However, we need to plan for different scenarios, which would occur if the Spokane Regional Health Department determines the health risk levels in Central Valley schools are too high. We understand that we will need to be prepared to quickly shift among plans and create new strategies based on county and state health guidance.

As this phase of our response to the COVID-19 schools closure begins to wrap up, I want to thank you—our parents who have been working alongside us from home. You have balanced the many aspects of family, work, and challenges, while continuing to support your children’s education. I also thank our teachers and school staff once more for being nimble, creative, and working hard these past few months. We could not have served our community – especially our students – without you!

Warm Regards, 

Ben Small

http://www.cvsd.org/apps/pages/reopening2020 Source: 2020 CVSD School Reopening